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Cultural institutions and scholars across the globe are under increasing pressure to produce quality texts in English to secure a global audience. While AI and self-translation may seem tempting in terms of cost, only a professional, native English-speaking translator with a deep understanding of the different ways knowledge is conveyed in both languages will be able to faithfully communicate your ideas and style, all while making the necessary modifications for your new target audience.

As a former academic and experienced translator, I have cultivated this unique skillset to ensure optimal quality.


As a translator with experience at universities on both sides of the Atlantic, I am also an excellent editor of translations from French and of texts written directly in English by non-native speakers.

Research proxy

The world is changing, and scholars are increasingly interested in reducing the environmental impact of their research. Based in Paris, I provide bespoke research proxy services for scholars who need to access and evaluate documents held by the Bibliothèque Nationale de France and/or other local archives.


I grew up in the United States and hold an MPhil from Yale University and a Master 2 from the Sorbonne. I left my PhD program at Yale (ABD) to embark on a career as a translator, and I have never looked back. Ten years on, I have successfully combined my passions by founding MBL Translation to specialize in cultural and academic translation in the arts and humanities.

Portrait of Maren Baudet-Lackner

My clients


Museums and cultural insititutions

Private-sector cultural players 


Hanna Alkema, Collection and Exhibition Curator at the LAAC

"Maren Baudet-Lackner is communicative and consistently delivers on time. She always works closely with us to confirm the precise meaning and intention of the text she's translating to ensure optimal faithfulness." 

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