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Fields of expertise


My expertise in these areas is the product of extensive experience, but it is also—importantly—underpinned by my passion for them. Please feel free to contact me to see samples of my work or discuss your project.

Luxury Goods

French companies are global leaders in the world of luxury goods, which is my top field of specialization, particularly since it flows into all of the others. From haute couture to luxurious vacations, by way of high-end jewelery, Michelin-starred restaurants and must-see exhibits at Parisian museums, I know how to write English texts that communicate all of the unique aspects your product, service or event has to offer.  

Food & Drink

From fine dining to wine tasting and the newest trends in street food.

Beauty & Fragrances

All communications documents for cosmetics, fragrances and hair care products. 

Ready-to-wear advertising, couture catwalk reviews, press releases, etc.
Hospitality & Tourism
Delightful descriptions of amazing properties for weekend getaways or longer luxury vacations.
From nineteenth-century memoirs to contemporary thrillers.
Art & Museums
Exhibition texts, grant applications, patronage brochures, etc.
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